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Forum underway
The forum for Communist Chronicles is still not available. We appologize for this, but are working on implementing a solution towards next month.
Erling Skjalgssonselskapet has a new website!
Erling Skjalgssonselskapet has now launched their new website, which you will find a link to in the links section. You can now buy books and read articles in a complete, fresh and new layout.
Minor fixes and temporary changes
The site server was changed by our hosting provider, and we lost access to our database. Because of this, the content on this site was temporarily unavailable.
Issue 2 is unleashed!
Issue 2 has now been published in the "current issue" section. We have a lot on offer this month!
Issue 2 is underway!
Some minor delays have kept this site some days off mark, but rest assured, the second issue is soon here.

The second issue of the Communist Chronicles is finally here! On this site, you can read about the history of Communism and current research in this field of study. With a discerning board of editors, we aim to bring you original material of a serious nature on a monthly basis, with updates and additions on a day-to-day basis. Being an open project, we hope you will use this site both to expand your knowledge and understanding of Communism, but also perhaps to submit any relevant work you have produced for consideration and possible inclusion in future issues of the Chronicles - in this way the site can remain up to date with fresh articles from an ever wider range of people.

The sections
We have divided this site into five sections, with more to come. The present ones make up the main page, which you are reading now, news, information about the site, the contents of the current issue, comprehensive material, and the contact page. All sections are accessed through the menu above. We have chosen to split up the articles on the site and include them in either "current issue" or "comprehensive material". As some of the articles are too long to be kept in our "single page system", they will be located in the "comprehensive" section.

The forum is not with us yet. We are working on integrating a new forum engine, so please bear with us. The image gallery is still not available, but will show up in the coming days. The gallery will be used to display photographs and artwork that are in some way related to the material that is published - adding another dimension to the historical events and personalities mentioned.

From all of us,

we hope you find Communist Chronicles an interesting and rewarding read.
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Advanced studies in history at Stavanger University College, School of Humanities

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A publisher of books, also on communist history.

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